GALANDER S.A., has a capable staff of professionals in different branches of engineering, in order to have capable human resources and trained technicians to project, provide and install voice communication networks and data to mining companies, construction, transportation, etc and Governmental Organizations.

Services which are provided through Public Security, infrastructure and Development and Engineering and Energy.



GALANDER S.A. as Vars Motorola for the Argentine Republic provide Interoperable Systems of Communications in Public Security in a frame of Critical Mission, permitting Voice intergration though trunking network (Tetra or Conventional), Data, Biometry, Localization of Vehicles and People, CAD Mobile, Interoperability, arranging telephone attention centers  for these systems 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

This unit advise, trains, supplies and implements turnkey solutions for customers all along the region.



This division is destined to offer services for infrastructure of cellular networks to carriers of  phones  and mobile phones as also manufacturing of technology, having as customers Claro, Movistar, Personal, Huawei, Celtro, Idatech among others.



In order to respond to clients´ requests, we have developed electronic devises to give solutions in telemetry, location of vehicles by satellite. These applications are provided as requested by client with a complete solution, key in hand as also software and hardware. Having the availability of these tools as radial vehicle and GPRS.

A complete line of duplexers and filters in VHF and UHF and   complete our production department.  These products, under the brand DPX, are commercialized in Argentina and have been exported for years to different countries such as Canada, U.S.A., France, etc. 


Our Engineering and development department is in continuous evolution and in contact with worldwide technology advances.



This is a recently created division which aims its efforts in our country the use of technology in the generation of non contaminated energy.


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